BJ Dance Towels

By Dancers for Dancers

We are dancers!

Annika, Benedikt and Gosia,  created this project in 2020. In 2023 Stef joined the team as a second designer.
We are all dancers, performers, DJ's, teachers and musicians of Swing, Lindy Hop, Shag, Balboa, Standard, Latin, Salsa, Modern, Ballet, you name it, we dance it.
If you want to meet us, just go to any swing festival and there is a good chance you will find at least one of us there. Just say: "hallo", we would love to meet you.

Why we created Dancetowels?

In every sport, people bring towels to remove sweat. So we wondered why in dancing, where you are in close embrace a lot of the time, people don't bring towels, and if they do, they hide them.

The reason is simple: Towels generally don't look good and don't match an elegant evening outfit. That's why we set out to create towels that are so good looking that you would want to bring them, if even just for style reasons. 

Press releases

We are proud to have been mentioned in:

TANZSPIEGEL by DTV (DeutscherTanzsportVerband) Episode 1/2023 "Weg mit dem Schweiß, aber mit Stil"

LINDYSHOPPER by Laura Windley 17.05.2021 "BJ Dance Towels - By Dancers for Dancers, for Sweating in Style "

Designed by the history and the future of dance!

All our designs are deeply inspired by music and dance. Every Dance Towel is an hommage to a certain style, a certain event, a certain feeling in the world of dance. You don't just wear any Dance Towel, you wear the one that expresses what moves you.

Gosia, Stef and Benedikt are creating the designs together. 

If you want to check out Gosia and Stef's other work, check out their websites:

Good for the environment

We are doing everything we can to make this project as environmentally friendly as possible. 

- Dance Towels are made from recycled bottles
 - We are shipping CO² neutral with DHL GoGreen
- Our Packages have the "Green Dot" and are 100% recyclable
- All our products are 100% vegan
- We pay for recycling of the Dance Towel Packages you throw away via the Green Dot. 

Our Partners

Dancers sweat around the world, but we can't be everywhere. 

These are some of the people that bring the dancetowels to the festivals you go to, so you can feel, try and see them yourselves:

Festival Shops:

Basia and Greg from

Sandrine from

Local Stores:


Kassel -

Münster -  Tine from



Nikki from 

- If you own a store yourself and would like to offer Dance Towels in your local store, please contact us, we are always searching for new partners all around the world.

Contact us any time:

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make Dancetowels even better. (Benedikt) 

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Man with BJ Dancetowel jumping at skatepark Benedikt Jockenhöfer

Benedikt Jockenhöfer 

Hey there, this is Benedikt, 

I created BJ Dancetowels, because I wanted an elegant towel for myself to bring to my dance evenings that was not neon green.

So I thought: "Why dont I create towels that looks really amazing and make them available for everybody?" 

I was totally overwealmed by all the positive feedback we got so far. And with your help we can make everyone in the swing-scene have an amazing towel that looks good and helps to make the dancing an even greater experience for our partners.

Yours, Benedikt