Famous Artists with Dance Towels

Bringing a towel to your dances and to the stage has always been "a thing" here's where whe show the people who would surely have brought a Dance Towel, if it would have existed in their lifetime.

Ella Fitzgerald

Ella had a towel with her in almost every performance! You can find hundreds of references for that. It was usually a silk handkerchief and I found references of white, green and dark red ones that she had. 
If she was still alive, she would surely be one of the greatest ambassadors for the Dance Towels.

Louis Armstrong

Louis basically always had a towel in his left hand. You can even see it on the cover of albums. For trumpeters especially it's important to have a towel with them, not only for the sweat, but also to keep the instrument clean. He surely would have switched to a more stylish version with the Dance Towels which are also more absorbant than the pure white cotton he used.

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The second dancers in After Seben 0:53

Most Lindy Hoppers know the clip After Seben where we can see the "breakaway" for the first time on film. But what we can also see is that the leader of the second couple clearly has a towel intentionally hanging out of his back pocket to show some style and care.

Django Reinhardt 

Django loved to wear scarves as acessories outside and even on stage. He surely would have loved the Dance Towels, too.

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