How to prevent glasses from slipping off while dancing?

"Catch me if you can!"

Thats what my glasses have said countless times on the dancefloor and you probably have had similar experiences. You are excited to make a turn, a spin or even an aerial and your glasses fly across the room, you hear the sound of them falling onto the floor and all your senses are hightened to jump after them like a diver. 

Glasses have been stepped on by unnoticing dancers, many contact lenses were forever lost and we glasses wearers know: glasses are not cheap. And trying to find new ones that you like is often hard enough in itself. 

(If you want the solution right away, go to the bottom of this page)

The problem with glasses is rather simple. Over time the screws, springs and the material of the glasses adjusts to our head size and thus the hold of the glasses gets more and more loose. 

So we take our glasses to the shop every once in a while to fix the hold. Keeping the balance is tricky though. If the glasses are too loose, they will fall off. If they are too tight you get a headache.

In addition to that: the more you dance, the hotter it is, the more you sweat. So your glasses become more slippery over the course of an evening.

The Dancetowels from our shop can help reduce the sweat on your head and that's something that is great for you and for your dance partners, but it still might not be enough to keep your glasses in place.

Some say: "Why dont you just use contact lenses?"

For many thats a great solution, but for some, like me, that is just not an option and you might be in the same situation. For many their sight just cannot be adjusted by contact lenses and  for others, it might be impossible to get contact lenses into their eyes for various reasons.

When searching for a solution... and after trying a lot of weird ones... like rubber bands and such...I came across these little things called "Silk-Glasses-Anti-Slip-Ear-Pads" that are almost invisible and have reduced the cruel dance death of glasses to zero for me. 

I absolutely love them and they have saved me tons of trouble and money, that's why I'm sharing them for you.

I've included a link here, so you can check them out yourself directly. If you buy anything from Amazon through this link, a very tiny % will go directly from Amazon to the Dancetowels project (if I set it up correctly), which helps us pay Gosia to create more designs for you, so: click on this link, get yourself some saviors for your glasses like these and ... a diamond ring maybe?ยช

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