How to wear a 
Dance Towel

A quick guide on the Do's and Dont's of wearing a Dance Towel.


Honestly, you can wear a Dance Towel however you like, you can dress it up, dress it down, wear it casually or elegantly with a suit or dress or just a tshit, hide it in your sleeve or wear it as a pocket square. There are 1000 possibilities and all of them are doable. It's your towel, it's your style, wear it however you want, but if you want some inspiration, here are some ideas:

The Casual Way

This is the most common way to wear your Dance Towel. When you are taking a break from dancing, just hang the Dance Towel over your shoulders, make sure the edges are roughly alined and wear it like a so called Opera Scarf, which is what the Dance Towels are designed after.

It looks stylish, classy and elegant and even elevates an all black outfit with a splash of color.

The Stock Tie Style

This is probably the most elegant way of wearing a Dance Towel and best used when going to or away from the party or festival. It helps protect your neck from the cold and from wind and just looks awesome. I also use this style when I am at a formal event where I know there will be dancing in the evening, or if I want to look extra spicy with my Dance Towel. 

The way to do it is actually simpler than it looks. You just tie your Dance Towel into a simple knot, then put the ends into your shirt and then you pull on the knot a little in front of the mirror to make it look good. It's actually that simple. :)

The Django Reinhardt Style

This style is named after Django Reinhardt who loved to wear scarves and he would surely have loved to wear a Dance Towel, if it had existed back in his days. 

This style is great when you are taking a break from dancing and go outside. When we are sweaty and go outside, that's usually when we dancers catch a cold. The Dance Towel helps you protect the neck and throat from the cold wind and makes you look elegant when talking to your fellow dancers.

To do this, just tie it into a simple knot, and make sure the edges are roughly the same length. (It actually looks cooler when the edges are not 100% the same length, but slightly offset.)

Wearing the Dance Towel while dancing

This is a controversial topic. Yes, you can wear your Dance Towel while dancing, but as you move, it is very likely that the Dance Towel will fall off or get flung around. Even though I know many people like to wear their Dance Towels while dancing, we do not recommend it. 

We recommend you put the Dance Towel over a chair or on a table when you dance and return to it when you are taking a break again. 

If you want to have your Dance Towel with you at all times, we recommend you use the 30x30 pocket square sized Dance Towels, these fit easily into any pocket and you can let one corner hang out of any pocket without having your towel whip around like a tail. 

The Pocket Square Dance Towel 

There are 1000 ways to wear the Pocket Square sized Dance Towel. You can put it into any pocket or into your clutch or handbag that you might have with you. 

In general it allways looks cool if you let one corner of the Dance Towel show. That's something that has been done by dancers for the longest time and can also be witnessed in the famous clip "After Seben" starring "Shorty" George.

For pocket suares there are many possible styles and we recommend you to just watch a clip on youtube on how to fold pocket squares for some inspiration. All pocket sqare sized Dance Towels can be folded like any normal pocket square. (The style used in the picture above is called "Rose)

A Ballroom tournament dancer just told me that she always hides them in the sleeve, because her dresses rarely have any pockets. Thank you for that hint @einfach_sabse