What to do against bad breath?

As a dancer

We are dancers. We create towels for dancers and musicians.  This guide on how to get rid of bad breath as a dancer is made from our own experience and made with the greatest of love for all dancers.  

Bad breath is a problem for dancers ...

You just found this awesome dance partner that you have been waiting all night to dance with. You aproached them with grace and elegance and a smile. 
You ask: Do you want to dance? 
"Yes, of course" they say... 

And while they say it, there is this odor flowing out of their mouths and you immediately regret your decision.

Although you love to talk, you hope this dance will be a "no talk dance" and you hope they will keep their mouth shut. 

It's not about them, their dancing or their personality, you just feel sad that this otherwise beautiful moment would be stained by something they don't know... Their bad breath.

Be gentle when telling someone of their bad breath

In general I recomment: Only give feedback on things that the other person can change right away. 

If you have a mint or a chewing gum with you (which you should), try this: 

"Hey, do you want something to drink? or ... I will have a chewing gum. Do you want one, too?" 

If they have regular bad breath, try taking them aside after class or so and tell them that this sometimes happens and that it affects your wantingness to dance with them and how they could solve it.

The cause of bad breath

Bad breath is caused by many different things but there are two main causes:

  • Secific odors caused by consumption of certain producs: Garlic smells like garlic, tobacco smells like tobacco, beer smells like beer. 

    These are specific odors and some like them, some hate them, some dont mind. These, honestly are not the worst issues.

  • Odors caused by poor dental hygene and dry mouth.

    THESE are the ones that are truly problematic. Because they smell exactly the same!

    You might have perfect oral hygene, brushing teeth well and often, using dental floss and everything, but if your mouth is dry, you will smell like you didn't brush for days. 

    I know, it sucks, but that's how it is...

What to do against bad breath?

This is what you ahve been waiting for!

And it's actually quite simple:

Drink more water.

It's a given that you brush your teeth before dancing. It's also a given that you bring mints just in case you get a feeling you should have one. But the main cause of bad breath is actually a lack of mouth hydration and residue of ... whatever you had before (Food, alcohol, chocolate, tobacco, sweet drinks...whatever) 

Just make it a habit to drink water after every 2 dances. That's what I do and what I tell all our students to do, too.

Yes, you will sweat more, but that's healthy and that's what you have a Dance Towel for ;).

Check out the Dance Towels and stay hydrated. :)

See you on the dance floor,

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